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Work. Work. Work. 

Audi: Q2 'Run the City' Filter

Launching a car in a nationwide lockdown is tough enough.

Taking it for a test drive is downright impossible.

That's where a penchant for video games met Instagram, to save the day.

BookMyShow: Show Stoppers

Problem: Indian society is judgemental of open displays of affection. Help couples find a way to get privacy on Valentine's day without getting harassed.

Solve the above equation using an umbrella. Wait, what?

Marico: Hair & Care oil

Hair oil ads have always focussed on good hair.
Bad hair never got to show it had a life of its own.
Until now.

Side note: Bollywood has way too many 'hair' songs.
Just type"Zulf" on YouTube. You'll see what I mean.

BookMyShow: #JaoVoteNow

Fight. Drama. Outburst. Melodrama. Hero. Villain. Interval.
No, this isn't an 80's Hindi movie. This is parliament.

That's why for the 2019 general elections, it was necessary for people to vote - and keep the 'Bollywood' out of Lok Sabha. 

Ask Sri

Knowing the English language guarantees a better future.
Unfortunately, children in rural India struggle with it. 

So could one man help them with their doubts, without the internet?
No. But one child could.

Audi #DriveTheChange

Men have always stereotyped women's driving skills.
I was determined to find out why.

And after thorough research and data analysis, I learned the biggest driving factor behind it: men's insecurity.

Who knew! (Women did)

Re-teach the Teachers

What: Teachers not able to properly teach students English.
Why: Because they weren't taught properly themselves.

So: They re-learned English in their regional languages.

How: Watch to find out.


UNIQLO wanted to enter the Indian market (Delhi) in an authentically local way.
All I wanted was free clothing in return.

Result: A beautiful authentic campaign that got plenty of praise. I never got any free clothes.

Nihar Shanti Amla

Hadn't celebrated teacher's day since school. 
But Nihar Shanti Amla wanted to.
In 2020.

Thank god for zoom shoots.

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